Greetings and salutations.

go here for maximum efficiency: skulls across america (the blog). it is on a new web place where they can display pictures. this page is ascii only.

Here are the latest recordings and demos I've posted online:

for the curious:

i'm in a new band called Striped Maple Hollow. we're an Americana group.

i also play in a band called The Divided Self, but we don't have anything official available for public consumption.

the last rock band i was in was called The Headaches. We've got some things up at

the band before that, a great band, was The Vicars. (it might have been less or longer, I can't keep dates straight for nothing)
   see also: skulls across america (solo demos)
   see also: big nature
       practiced for six months, played one nice show, never to ride again: famous last words
       we played for a while.. will post the mp3's some day, they rock: the harlots
       second band... good stuff... 2nd album was good, but cost way too much to make (the follies of youth, eh): ohio liberation army
       1st band... Inside Kid... no website that I know of...

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