song 4 (mar 05) (256 kbps)
the newest directions in big nature
song 6 (mar 06) (256 kbps)
more new directions in big nature, following in song four's trailblazing path
do cops wear cop shades for the irony? (mar 06) (256 kbps)
never bring a knife to a mustache party- but a bass is acceptable
girl motorcycle (nov 05) (256 kbps)
vox coming soon
song zero (now in stereo) (256 kbps)
old school, like three years old now, but still good. we don't remember how to play it.
song 2 (nov 05) (256 kbps)
parts of all of this one are officially relegated to the dustbin

alternate takes (where alternate is a way of saying not quite as good as the other ones):
song 4 (early march) (256 kbps)
song 1 (practice2 take2) (192 kbps)
song 2 (practice2 take4) (256 kbps)

demos recorded to tape 4 track, mixed down to the DMC Xclef 500.
the oldest alternate takes recorded: Visivox SCM-PRO stereo mics > Visivox SCM-PRE 2 preamp > DMC Xclef 500
      lineage: tape, mp3