• m dawson - D
  • matt m. - B ???
  • nathan james - G
  • m. mood - G/V
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    after a couple years of playing in other people's bands, micah started this one. not that the other bands were bad- they were good. but it means a lot to be playing in a band that coincides with your vision, with your desires, and with your same general lack of polish and skill.

    this here band then proceed to practice the hell outta ten or eleven months. if "practice the hell outta ten or eleven months" means three or four 2 hour practices per month, of course- but anyway, the songs sounded good, and the silence sounded better. we played a show, and while we weren't the greatest thing since sliced bread, it was fun, even if micah's guitars sounded like, to use a technical term, "ass".

    then we all got busy and busted and took a breather for a year. but we was still busted when we got recombobilulated, so after a couple months of fun practices (and i do mean fun, they sounded good and felt better), we went into cryo-freeze for a bit longer. and that's where we stand now.

    what for?
    because we like to. not for glory and treasure, or whatever it is that indiana jones was after.