al-queda in iraq
guitar + vox
This is a new one I've been working on... its kind of heavy, but i sing it really high in my range (or possibly a few notes out of my range even). the chorus kind of opens up a bit. i kind of mess up a few times in the demo, when there's singing in the verses the bit between the vocal lines should be short, not the entire intro riff of the song.
no best man
vox + guitars
This is brand new one for 2008. The demo has a rhythm guitar track & a lead (mainly just a delay riff on the verses) track on it... rhythm guitar would be dropped (i'd imagine) with the bass and keys handling it.
you're my business now
guitar + vox
This is the real punk (read: hot snakes-ish) song that I wrote back in the famous last words days. Its a fun one to play.
truth in her veins
vox + guitar
this one became a headaches song but hasn't been recorded yet in that setup.
This is the newest thing I've got, and I really like it. The demo kind of has the following parts: A,B,C,A,B,C,D, where at least A and C would have vocals over them. I might have played it a bit fast (would explain why the B parts are so sloppy). I do have some rough vocal ideas for this one.
december 2007 - untitled 1
This is something I've been playing for a couple months now - the demo starts on the chorus part and then goes into the verse, which has a lead-type guitar line in it.
december 2007 - untitled 3
This is actually a terrible take on one that I've been messing with for a while; this demo is played poorly and shouldn't have delay on it - just a ton of reverb. It has the following parts:
A - the main verse part
B - the "guitar lead-line" part
C - chorus type part
D - takes off from the C part that repeats this thing where it does 6 measures in 3/4 hitting a D-variant on the 1st beat, then a 7th measure in 2/4 of an Eb hammer-on
guitar + vox
this is a personal favorite. very karate-ish.
bleeding in the dead of winter
guitar + vox
inspired by modern-era dylan.
lamb's tail
guitar + vox
traditional ballad.
easy proof
guitar + vox
makes me think me of early GBV although nothing in common. just a song about going crazy wanting to write songs.
visit a plague on me
guitar + vox
sept 06: wrote some stories once
acoustic & vocals.
a trip down memory lane.
sept 06: we was in a band
acoustic & vocals.
music i've been playing for a month now, finally worked out some lyrics and a melody.
sept 06: bleeding in the dead of winter
acoustic & vocals.
set out to record a batch of instrumental acoustic songs/shells of songs. got one to tape, and then this came outta nowhere in about twenty minutes. better 4-track recording to come later, this demo is from the same afternoon as the other two september demos.
may 06: undeveloped land.
guitar, bass, drums.
totally shifts gears after about thirty seconds, so let it play. the bass-line came to me while driving back from WVA. the intro guitar part seemed like a good idea at the time. the whole thing was originally conceived as much more of an early james brown/daktaris funk joint, but then I went and played it a bit fast and laid down the guitar track.
may 06: i said what?
this is one of the three or four very mellow songs that are percolating. i hear most of my stuff in a full band context, but this and a couple other things seem much more suited to very sparse arrangements. amusingly enough, i recorded this a year or two ago, right after coming up with it, and its going to take a while for me to remember how to play it.
jan 06: you brought two too many.
gtr^2, drms
did the drums first, which for me tends to hold together much better, but with a somewhat random structure as i can never keep my place.
nov 05: the right is not a guitar
gtr, banjo, drms.
nearly falls apart but not completely. first use of banjo in such a setting, haven't yet worked out a part for the 2nd half.
jun 05: three
very mellow. hope to expand.
jun 05: one shoulda been enough
jun 05: i have two garages
gtr * 2, drms.
couldn't hear too well while recording the lead, and it shows.
jun 05: dirt in d flat minor
gtr, drms.
a few bpm too slow in the first section, a few too fast in the third.